• Assessment 
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Couples Therapy 
  • Family Therapy & Parenting Classes
  • Consultation
  • Psychoeducational Trainings

The therapists at APS can provide clinical assessments for individuals, couples, families, and organizations.     $150 - $5000

Therapy can be helpful at various points in our lives. The therapists at APS are committed to offering support and insight into resolving many of life's issues (ex: anxiety, depression, relationship problems)  $40 - $250

Couplehood can be stressful. At times, couples need the guidance of a therapist to help reignite love or amicably separate.   


The therapists at APS are available to work with organizations and schools to determine effective ways to deal with common organizational issues (ex: bullying, motivation, stress/burnout, multiculturalism/diversity, etc).

$150 - $10,000

The therapists at APS enjoy hosting training for organizations and schools on various clinical topics (ex: anger management, organization/time management, team building, etc).  A series of more in depth workshops can be provided as well.     

$150 - $1,000

"Go for the moon. If you don't get it, you'll still be heading for a star."
~Willis Reed

"It is our attitude, at the beginning of a difficult task, which more than anything else will affect it's successful outcome."
~William James

  • FMLA & Case Management

The therapists at APS are available to complete FMLA paperwork, return to work paperwork, and session authorizations.  Some clients have insurance that will cover such case management for a copay and those who do not will need to pay the self pay rate of $75 

It takes a village.....APS therapists work with families to address stressful family concerns (ex: adoption, divorce/remarriage, domestic violence, discipline, education, etc).  They also provide parents with classes that can help improve parenting skills.     

$150 - $450