Agape Psych Services, PLLC was founded by Dr. James Manuel in 2008, with the following mission and purpose.

Our mission is to improve public mental health by providing broader access to innovative and holistic psychological services.

Our purpose is to maintain a child-centered focus, and simultaneously remain family-oriented.

We are client-centered and work with those we serve to establish service plans that are as unique as the individuals and organizations we serve.

Dr. James W.B. Manuel President

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Manuel received his PsyD from Wright State University's School of Professional Psychology in 2007.  He is licensed to practice psychology in Texas (34502); Ohio (7170); and Massachusetts (10934).  Dr. Manuel is a generalist trained clinician, but a few of his areas of interests include working with at risk African American males, multiculturalism, families, and organizational consultation/training.

Jennifer Huynh                         

Licensed Professional


Ms. Huynh received her Master’s from University of North Texas in 2012. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas (72025). Ms. Huynh is a generalist-trained clinician who is open to work with different populations and issues, however her specialty areas include adolescents, suicidal ideation, self-injurious behavior, marriage and family therapy, children and parenting issues.

Amanda Zimmerman
Licensed Professional Counselor

Ms. Zimmerman received her Master's from Texas Woman's University in 2014.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas (72766).  Ms. Zimmerman has experience using play therapy techniques, working with adolescents, and families. 

Paul Toviessi           

Licensed Professional Counselor

DeTrae Warren

Licensed Professional Counselor