Workplace Issues
Appreciating Differences in the Workplace
Assertiveness Training
Building Enthusiasm
Conflict Resolution and Respect in the Workplace
Conflict Resolution: Win-Win Strategies
Coping with Obstacles and Failure
Coping with Stress and Change
Cultivating Initiative
Dealing Effectively with Everyday Stress
Dealing with Difficult Behavior
Dealing with Difficult People
Effective Employee and Customer Relations
First Impressions and Conflict Resolution
Frustration Tolerance
Workplace Issues
Gaining Trust and Respect in the Workplace
Managing Emotions in the Workplace
Non-Verbal Communication Skills Training
Organization Skills
Reducing Job Stress
Respect in the Workplace
Sensitivity to Trauma
Sexual Harrassment
Solving Interpersonal Conflicts on the Job
Time Management: Handling Multiple Priorities
Violence prevention in the Workplace
Workforce Reduction-Employees
Workplace Violence
Smoking Cessation
Smoking Alternative Therapies
Smoking Cessation Popular Websites
Smoking Cessation: A 2-hour Introductory 
Smoking Cessation: Part 1
Smoking Cessation: Part 2
Smoking Cessation: Part 3
Smoking Cessation: Part 4
Smoking Health Risks
Stages of Stress
Stress, Anxiety Disorders, and Anger
Stress, Anxiety, and PTSD
Stress Management
Stress: Deep Breathing
The Art of Listening
The Prevention of Domestic Violence

Transformation awaits
 "If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat."
~Herschel Walker

"Continuous effort -- not strength or intelligence -- is the key to unlocking our potential." 
~Liane Cardes

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Available training topics

Below are various topics that can be be tailored to meet the need of families, school officials, and organization leaders.  If topics not listed below are needed, please feel free to contact staff to address creating a new training/workshop.

Now available for review:
Dr. Manuel's Diversity Training Presentation

Bridging Social Gaps​​
Please contact Dr. Manuel if you are interested in hosting a diversity training​
Family Issues
Assisting your Elderly Parent
Balancing Work and Family
Children and Divorce
Children With Challenges
Disciplining Children at all Ages
Disciplining With Love
Family Communication
Help Your Child with ADHD
Helpful Tips for Step-Parenting
Parenting the Generation of Tomorrow
Placing A Loved One In A Nursing Home
Sandwich Generation: Care For The Caregiver
School Refusal
Setting Limits
Taking Care of an Elderly Family Member

Health Issues
Behavioral Change: Overcoming Food Addiction
Chemical Dependency: Recovery
Chronic Illness and Stress
Controlling Your Cholesterol
Controlling Your Illness
Coping With Stress and Change
Effective Techniques of Pain Management
Exercise and Nutrition to Reduce Stress
Gambling, Exercise/Dieting, Workaholics
Helping Someone Get Help with Substance Abuse
Health Issues
Love Mastery
Managing Your Diabetes
Overeating and Stress
Promoting positive body image
Seizure Disorder
Signs of an Eating Disorder
Sleep and You--Plan for a Good Night's Rest
Sleep Deprivation
Substance Abuse – Signs and Symptoms
Weight Management – Nutrition/Exercise

Personal Issues
Anger Management
Beating the Blues
Breaking the Cycle of Codependency
Building Healthy Relationships
Building Self Esteem
Communicating with Sensitivity
Coping with a Friends' Terminal Illness
Coping with Economic Decline and Reduction in Workforce
Dealing Effectively with Everyday Stress
Dealing with Change
Developing Personal Resilience
Financial Stress
Personal Issues
Goals and Self-Efficacy
Grief, Death and Dying
Have You Become A Chronic Victim
Healthy Communication Patterns
How to Beat the Holiday Blues
How to Recognize Depression